Fractured (CAN) + Terminal Filth (D) + One Day In Fukushima + Narkan

Olona Wasteland Punx presenta… FRACTURED Fast and furious Punk Hardcore from Montreal, Canada. TERMINAL FILTH (Berlin, Germany) Crust/punk band from Berlin, Germany. ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA Grindcore band from Eboli, Italy. NARKAN Hardcore Punk Milano -Il chaos dilaga…- Inizio concerti ore 18:00 Ingresso per contributo gruppi: 8 Euro. … Read moreFractured (CAN) + Terminal Filth (D) + One Day In Fukushima + Narkan

Appäratus (MAL) + Overcharge + Wolfäst

Kick-off gig per il tour europeo dei 20 anni dei D-beat/Kångpunk heroes da Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)!! OUT!!!! Appäratus/Overcharge 7″split-ep “Massa-skitzofrenia/The Aftershock” ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ APPÄRATUS “From…to The Land of the Dead” Eurpean Tour 2023 ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ OVERCHARGE ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ WOLFÄST ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ D.i.y. Ör Die! Play Fast, Drink Hard, Suppört and Love Crust’n’Roll!!!!! INGRESSO: 5 Eu’s Inizio … Read moreAppäratus (MAL) + Overcharge + Wolfäst